Understanding SAMTRAC and Why You Should Get the Qualification
2 Dec, 2021

The acronym SAMTRAC stands for Safety Management Training Course. In other words, it is a qualification for training employees to improve levels of security and safety in the workplace.

Across all industries, a SAMTRAC safety training course is one of the most sought-after and comprehensive training programmes in the world, including South Africa. It is designed to help individuals learn best practice techniques and implement up-to-date safety procedures that contribute to the safety of human life on the job. These are in accordance with occupational health and safety requirements.

Why Study SAMTRAC?

Over the past 50 years, SAMTRAC has been the cornerstone and gold standard for the development of the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) profession. SAMTRAC offers introductory to advanced levels of health and safety training, with focuses on niche skills and knowledge building for specific areas of specialisation.

SAMTRAC provides the ideal balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Through SAMTRAC, students are introduced to technical knowledge at the highest level, and are given an in-depth look at all HSE-related concepts, procedures and techniques. This enables students to apply what they have learned, and perfect their essential skills related to the hands-on approach to health and safety.

SAMTRAC courses are very popular for their ability to assess (and upskill) safety managers and professionals at all levels of a company, and can support career advancement through a learning progression to more advanced courses.

Who should study SAMTRAC?

A SAMTRAC course offers lifelong professional value for those persons working within the Occupational Health and Safety sector,  those who fulfil an official Health and Safety Officer role and those whose daily tasks have a direct impact on the safety of others, such as vehicle drivers and heavy-duty machine handlers.

SAMTRAC is very useful for professionals who want to get started in safety at company-level and for those who wish to refresh or improve upon their existing safety knowledge.

SafetyCloud SAMTRAC Courses

SafetyCloud’s SAMTRAC courses are available as classroom, webinar and e-learning studies.

  • Introduction to SAMTRAC:

This prerequisite course provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety legislation and compliance. It teaches students how to apply techniques for hazard identification inspections and risk assessment, and is a prerequisite for obtaining the  SAMTRAC certificate.


A step up from your “Introduction to SAMTRAC”,  SAMTRAC provides an in-depth look at all OHS-related concepts, procedures and techniques. Students also receive thorough training in risk management and health and safety regulations, which will allow them to make strategic decisions and drive positive change in health and safety workplace policies.

  • SAMTRAC International

SAMTRAC International is an e-learning course that is done via correspondence. This enables students to study in their own time. SAMTRAC International covers the integration of occupational HSE management, and students are taken through the practical process of implementing and maintaining an occupational HSE management system, using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

SAMTRAC International has also launched an exciting new dimension to its product offering. Students are now able to complete the course on a modular basis. This enables learners to choose to study specific modules, rather than completing the entire course at once, or complete the course by doing one module at a time. Further updated SAMTRAC courses are to be launched in 2022, and SafetyCloud will provide full updates on these modules.

SAMTRAC Accreditations

SAMTRAC holds accreditation from the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) and recongised by International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh)

By studying SAMTRAC, your company can be assured that its employees will be well-trained to handle diverse operations related to critical HSE management. To learn more about SAMTRAC course availability, timetables or modes of study, get in touch with us here. Our friendly team will assist you as needed.







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