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NOSA’s annual winter project sees the organisation donating jerseys and beanies to disadvantaged schools in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal before the winter season arrives. In 2018, we supported Grade R learners at Imboyi Primary School in Mkhambathini.

NOSA’s Training Facilitator Cheryl Simchowitz headed the project. She shared the following:

“Seven years ago an early literacy project was started by REDIS, a construction company. I was invited together with READ to select deserving schools in the peri-urban area in need of skills development.

The head teachers and staff were for the most hardworking and interested in making a difference. The parents of these children were either migrant farm workers or unemployed and living on social grants.

I remember it was a freezing morning about 14 degrees (in 2014) in Camperdown when I arrived at Cosmoore Primary. The Grade R learners were huddled in class; some were without jerseys and shoes. My heart was heavy.

When I returned to the office I spoke to Chantal, Managing Director of NOSA about this situation; she generously offered to provide these learners with jerseys and beanies. This is how the annual donation to a deserving school began.”

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