Lungelo 2023 Matriculant and SAMTRAC Student

In the evolving landscape of career development and professional training, personal stories and testimonials stand as powerful beacons guiding prospective students towards institutions and courses that best align with their career aspirations and personal growth objectives. One story that spotlights the journey of education in the realm of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management is that of Lungelo, a 2023 Matriculant with aspirations in health and safety.

Q: How did you find out about SafetyCloud?
A: My journey to discovering NOSA College began as I was researching institutions known for health and safety courses. Amidst a range of options, NOSA College stood out due to its comprehensive curriculum and the positive feedback from past students. It was clear to me that if I wanted to pursue a career in Health and Safety, NOSA College was the place to start.

Q: Which course have you registered for?
A: I have registered for the 5-day Introduction to SAMTRAC course.

Q: Why did you choose that course?
A: “After looking at various courses and considering my career goals, it was clear that this course matched with what I aim to achieve in the field of health and safety management because it is a great starting point in the fundamentals of HSE related compliance.

Q: What does health and safety mean to you?
A: “To me, health and safety is more than just a set of regulations to follow; it’s about keeping people safe and making a career for myself.  It’s about fostering a culture of safety and health and becoming a valuable employee for a business”.

Q: What inspires you?
A: “I am deeply inspired by the trust that individuals place in health and safety professionals. The idea that people rely on me to safeguard their lives, health, and wellbeing in their workplace is both humbling and motivating. This trust drives me to pursue excellence in my field, ensuring that I can live up to the responsibilities that come with it”.

Lungelo’s journey into the world of health and safety began with a quest for quality education in the field. Upon researching institutions offering top-notch health and safety courses, Lungelo discovered NOSA College, a decision that marked the first step towards achieving his career goals. Opting for the Introduction to SAMTRAC course was a natural fit for Lungelo, aligning perfectly with his aspirations to embark on a career that prioritises the well-being and safety of workers in various industries.

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