Online Health and Safety Training Practices for SMEs
24 May, 2024

Nearly 3 million employees die every year due to work-related accidents and diseases, according to International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates – a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in protecting the well-being of employees worldwide.

In South Africa, ensuring the well-being of employees is both an ethical employment practice and a legal requirement, and in a constantly changing labour environment, prioritising health and safety training is essential.

SafetyCloud understands the importance of equipping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across all sectors with the knowledge and tools to create a safe work environment by offering comprehensive online health and safety training solutions.

Online health and safety training practices for SMEs

The widespread availability of digital educational resources means that employees can learn from the comfort of their own homes, resulting in the safety message now easily within reach of people with a laptop or access to internet centre.

With a digital presence, online health and safety training practices for SMEs can be tailored to fit your specific needs and resources. Some common practices are:

Customised training modules
SMEs can develop or use online training modules tailored to their industry, workplace hazards and regulatory requirements. These modules can cover topics such as emergency procedures and hazard communication.

Mobile-friendly training
Ensure training materials are accessible on mobile devices, allowing employees to complete training at their convenience.

Regular updates and refreshers
Keep training materials up to date with the latest regulations and best practices.

Interactive webinars and workshops
Conduct live webinars or virtual workshops on specific health and safety topics, allowing employees to interact with trainers and ask questions in real-time.

Employee feedback
Establish channels for employees to provide feedback on the effectiveness of online training programs and suggest improvements.

Benefits of implementing online training solutions

Here’s why online training solutions are not only a viable alternative but often a preferred choice for businesses prioritising safety:

Cost effectiveness
With the nature of online learning, employees now only need access to a smart device and the internet, cutting out overhead costs.

Accessible and flexible
With on-demand access to training materials, employees can complete modules at their own pace and convenience, minimising disruptions to productivity.

Comprehensive courses
Health and safety training online provides a wide range of courses, covering various topics such as hazard identification and emergency response.

Interactive learning
Modern e-learning platforms use multimedia elements such as videos, simulations and virtual scenarios to create immersive learning experiences.

Progress tracking
Employers can monitor employees’ progress, assess performance and identify areas that may require additional training or focus.

Evaluating the effectiveness of online health and safety training

Evaluating the effectiveness of online health and safety training programs promotes safe behaviour and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Businesses can follow these six steps to evaluate the effectiveness of these training programmes:

  1. Identifying specific goals and objectives
  2. Selecting an appropriate delivery method
  3. Designing engaging and interactive content
  4. Implementing the training and ensuring accessibility
  5. Monitoring and assessing effectiveness
  6. Continuously updating and improving the training based on the results of the evaluation

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