Understanding Legal Liability: Who in Your Company Should Study An Accredited Legal Liability Course?
12 Jul, 2023

Within the framework of South African Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation, understanding legal liability is no longer a task reserved solely for the legal team. The evolving landscape of the OHS environment, coupled with increasingly complex regulatory requirements, necessitates that several key stakeholders within your organisation acquire a deep understanding of these issues. So, who in your company should study a legal liability course?


Management Team

The first line of responsibility for compliance with OHS legislation falls on the management team. This includes C-level executives, managers, and supervisors, who are often legally accountable for non-compliance with health and safety laws. An Accredited Legal Liability course can provide them with the knowledge necessary to ensure that the company’s policies, procedures, and practices align with OHS legislation, thereby preventing potential litigation and fines.


Health and Safety Officers

These are the individuals on the front lines of implementing, maintaining, and updating an organisation’s health and safety policies. They need to have a thorough understanding of OHS legislation to not only ensure compliance but also to educate employees, conduct health and safety audits, and report on the company’s adherence to the relevant laws.


Human Resources Professionals

HR professionals often handle issues related to employee rights, safety, and well-being. As such, they should be well-versed in they should be well versed in their legal responsibilities as it pertains to OHS regulations.. They can use this knowledge to guide management on legal responsibilities and to help create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.


Risk and Compliance Professionals

Given their role in identifying and managing potential risks to the organisation, these professionals need to understand the company’s legal responsibility as it pertains to OHS regulations. Their knowledge in this area is crucial in developing risk management strategies, conducting internal audits, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws.


Legal Department

While it may seem obvious, it’s worth noting that the legal department must fully comprehend all aspects of OHS legal liability. This understanding will enable them to provide the company with appropriate legal advice, defend against potential lawsuits, and facilitate any required communication with regulatory authorities.

Given the significant consequences of non-compliance with OHS legislated requirements in South Africa, it is prudent for companies to invest in Accredited legal liability training for various roles within their organisations. A deeper understanding of legal liability not only minimises the risk of litigation but also promotes a culture of safety and well-being in the workplace, thereby boosting employee morale and productivity.

The SafetyCloud Accredited Legal Liability Course is conveniently available in a variety of learning formats (Classroom, Webinar and E-Learning) allowing your staff to effectively access the course in the method that suits them and your company best.


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