NOSA’s (now SafetyCloud) annual winter project sees the organisation donating jerseys and beanies to disadvantaged schools in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal before the winter season arrives. This year, we supported Grade R learners at Imboyi Primary School in Mkhambathini. SafetyCloud’s Training Contractor Facilitator Cheryl Simchowitz headed the project. She shared the following:

“Chantal and Sean thank you for your wonderful support again this year. The kids were so happy to receive brand new beautiful fleeces. Most welcome in the cooler weather. It was 14 degrees this morning. Imboyi Primary is in a peri-urban area close to the Msundizi River close to Pietermaritzburg.  Lots of poor families scratch out a living during the good times. Mrs Witness Mnganga and her staff of eight work hard with these underprivileged kids. She was very grateful for this generous donation”.

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