How to Register for Your Occupational Health and Safety Courses with SafetyCloud
20 Oct, 2021

A SafetyCloud course goes a long way in growing and refining skillsets within the practice of Occupational Health and Safety. Signing up for courses has never been easier. SafetyCloud’s online Client and Student Portal allows you to conveniently book and make payments for both classroom and online courses directly from the portal. Here’s how to get started.

The Registration Process for Companies:

Step 1 – Invitation

Receive your e-invitation to the Client Portal.

Step 2 – Login

Click the link found within your e-invitation. This will open the login page for the Client Portal.

Step 3 – Profile Setup

  • Details: Check and complete all the required information fields relating to Personal Details, Your Company and to whom student course results should be sent.
  • Courses: View all upcoming courses/completed courses, book a new course and access your personal SafetyCloud online login screen.
  • Purchase Order: Purchase orders can be uploaded onto the Client Portal for credit vetting. The credit value will be available immediately, so bookings can be made. Kindly note that course sign-ups may be cancelled if a purchase order has failed the credit vetting process.
  • Students: Capture your company students’ information. You will be able to view and search for all your company students and gauge their course progress.

Step 4 – Book Training

  • From the Book Training window, you can view and book all scheduled courses for classroom study, webinar or e-learning.
  • After selecting “book now”, you may book specific students you have already uploaded to your profile, or you may leave your seats unallocated for classroom courses.(Please note: for webinars and e-learning courses, you will be required to allocate your students to the relevant course 3 working days prior to its start date.)
  • Choose your preferred safe and secure payment method.
  • Students will receive a mail to further complete their learning profile.

Upon course completion, all certificates will be made available on the Client Portal.

Profile Registration for Individual Students:

Follow the steps below to register your profile:

  • You will be required to visit and register a profile on the Student Portal.
  • Once you have selected and paid for the course(s) that you will be studying, an email will be sent to you with your course details.
  • You can then access your profile and courses on the Student Portal at any time from the website.
  • Upon course completion, all certificates will be made available on the Student Portal.

Upon course completion, all certificates will be made available on the Student Portal.

For any questions, registration information, courses and start dates, kindly contact SafetyCloud at or call us on +27 87 330 3790.




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