Johan Jonck on Road Safety in South Africa
10 Jun, 2020

1. In your experience of road safety advocacy, what is the major cause of road incidences in South Africa?

I believe the best answer is human error and not obeying the rules of the road. This includes drunk driving, speeding, overloading, reckless crossing of roads by pedestrians etc.

2. Is road safety enough of a priority in South Africa?

There would never be an ‘enough’ and we could always do more. With 35-40 deaths on the roads daily, road safety should always be more prioritised.

3. What influence has COVID-19 had upon transport industry?

There has been a lot less travel during the lockdown, hence the decline in road deaths and vehicle-related crimes. Logistics have been busy during this time to transport essentials and prevent any food shortages. It appears that there has been growth in deliveries and we also see an increase in bike deliveries as more people work from home and are using online delivery services.

4. Does technology have a place in road safety?

Definitely! There are many more in-vehicle safety technology systems, vehicle tracking options as well as location apps, emergency apps and more. Also, an increase in online technology options for driver training, monitoring.

5. Can international road safety approaches such as “Vision Zero” be adopted nationally?

Yes, it can. Perhaps also important to note that recently a resolution has been signed by the UN General Assembly to improve global road safety aimed at reducing road deaths by 50% over the next decade.

6. Is enough education on road safety delivered at school level?

More could be done, and more corporates could definitely contribute. Imperial and Motus are currently assisting on a national scale but more could be done, and it will definitely contribute to have leaners more safety-aware.

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