NEW: Managing Mental Wellness for Managers and Leaders
10 Mar, 2022

Every Mind Matters at Work

With an ageing workforce, higher stress levels, COVID-19 and increasing diagnoses of anxiety and depression, a one-size-fits-all approach to employee wellness won’t work. People respond and react to things in different ways and cope with life’s ups and downs differently. With this in mind, SafetyCloud embraced open innovation and a design thinking approach for the development of this course to better understand who the target user is, what their problems entail and what they need to overcome them.

A first for SafetyCloud, Managing Mental Wellness for Managers and Leaders has been developed in collaboration with leading subject matter experts and a registered psychologist to assist organisations with understanding how to manage employee wellness and provide the emotional care and support that results in happy, engaged and productive employees.


Taking Corporate Mental Wellness to the Next Level with Open Innovation and Design Thinking

In our capacity as safety intelligence experts, we have developed and collaborated with leading subject matters experts, including our lead developer Dr Eugene Kemp, a registered psychologist with a Doctorate in Neurolinguistics (a neurotechnology programme used for changing mindsets, attitudes, habits and improved understanding of what makes people tick).


What will You Learn?

This 2-day e-learning programme is a dynamic, engaging and interactive course, designed to equip supervisors and managers with the resources to better manage wellness challenges. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to gain insights and strategies to effectively engage with and support those struggling with mental health in the workplace.


The following themes will be covered:

  • managing the mental wellness of remote workers
  • dealing with the stigma around mental health
  • selling mental wellness to leadership
  • managing the prevalence of anxiety within the workplace
  • preparing a mental wellness toolkit for personal application and resource library for support of teams

The value of the course lies in:

  • equipping participants to deal with the enormous challenge of remote work on employees
  • dealing with stigma and its devastating impact on mental health due to employees not making use of resources
  • focusing on manager health and wellbeing to better support and manage the mental health of employees


Who Should Attend this Course? 

This course is designed for supervisors, managers and those interested in acquiring more information, insights and competencies to enable them to effectively engage in issues associated with mental health in the organisation, initiate and sustain strategies to promote mental health in the organization and better support those they lead who are struggling with mental health issues.


Course Preview



Price, Duration and Registration

This is a pure e-learning course completed over 2 days. Priced at R2 400 (incl. vat). Online Registrations are now open.

Contact us today to learn more about this new offering and how it can benefit your business and its people.


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