SafetyCloud: Setting the Global Health and Safety Agenda
9 Nov, 2021

SafetyCloud has confirmed its eminence as a global thought leader in the health, safety and environmental training industry by participating in the 2021 Global Occupational Safety & Health Network (GOSH) meeting from 28-29 September 2021 in Geneva. GOSH is an initiative of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and it was launched in 2009. The GOSH network provides an exclusive information-sharing platform for senior OSH risk management and sustainability professionals from multinational enterprises. The IOE is the largest network of the private sector in the world, with more than 150 national business and employer federations as members. For more than 100 years in social and employment debate taking place in the International Labour Organisation, to which IOE is the sole business representative, and across the United Nations, G20 and other emerging processes, IOE is recognised for its unique expertise, advocacy and influence as a powerful and balanced voice for business worldwide.

The GOSH meetings differ from conferences and other networking events in the sense that organisations can only attend by invitation or by being a member of the GOSH Network. During the GOSH network sessions, topics that are on the global occupational safety and health (OSH) matters are deliberated and largely provide a view on the global OSH agenda. Furthermore, the GOSH meetings provide case studies of OSH strategies and solutions as well as best practices implemented in multinational organisations.

Four main themes were included in the September 2021 agenda. These themes are:

  • The ILO’s responses to Covid-19
  • Main OSH policy developments
  • Covid-19 and the labour and employment landscape including return-to-work strategies
  • The importance of occupational wellness

Several organisation specific cases and best practices were discussed including a presentation on “Building an organisation strategy for wellbeing” Karolien van Nunen (Delft Technical University) deliberated the impact of Covid-19 on the role of HSE practitioners. She mentioned that HSE practitioners will be required to support employees as they return to work and the implementation of Covid-19 strategies and hence needs to be equipped with the necessary skills and resources.

SafetyCloud was represented by Dr Deonie Botha (Project and Innovation manager) as a result of her longstanding relationship with the GOSH Network. In 2016, Deonie was invited to present an overview of SAMTRAC International at a meeting in Genk Belgium. SafetyCloud’s attendance at the GOSH Network meetings provides a valuable opportunity to engage with global leaders in OSH and insight into the themes and topics shaping global trends and developments in OSH. The relationship between SafetyCloud and GOSH provides evidence of the eminence of SafetyCloud and its prominence in the OSH industry.



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