Why Choose SafeyCloud As Your HSE Training Partner
10 Dec, 2021

Where you study can be almost as important as what you study. When choosing the right institution as your preferred HSE training partner, it’s important to consider a variety of factors before making that decision.  Ask yourself the following:

Does the institution offer courses that are pertinent to my business needs and my employees’ roles? Does my qualification hold modern-day workplace relevance?  Is the college accredited?

When considering SafetyCloud as your official Health, Safety and Environmental training partner, the answer to all these questions is: YES.

A History Of Success

For more than 70 years, SafetyCloud (formerly NOSA) has been at the forefront of health and safety training in South Africa. Our legacy of success is told through the achievements of more than 20 000 businesses and thousands more professionals who have built their safety cultures, and realised their career goals, with a proud SafetyCloud certification. These businesses have not only decreased accidents in the workplace, but they’ve also cut costs and improved their B-BBEE scorecards.

Diverse Training Programmes

SafetyCloud offers more than 100 safety training programmes, including SAMTRAC, the world’s leading workplace risk management course. We also offer NEBOSH certifications, which are internationally recognised and designed to meet the health, safety, environmental and risk management needs of all places of work. Our full training programmes list, course outlines and fees can be viewed here.

Our courses are designed with a balanced combination of academic instruction and a hands-on practical focus. As a result, students learn to put theory into practice and begin refining their new skillsets so that they may hit the ground running after course completion.

Three Flexible Study Options

Life is busy, and schedules differ. For that reason, SafetyCloud offers three convenient study options to choose from, based on one’s personal and professional responsibilities. Individuals may choose between Classroom, Webinar or E-Learning modes of study.

Classroom: Seats may be booked at 15 state-of-the-art NOSA Colleges nationwide where highly-skilled lecturers teach in an in-person, face-to-face setting. Selected NOSA Colleges offer fully equipped computer labs and connectivity to support your learning journey.

Kindly note that all official COVID-19 safety protocols are followed at each NOSA college. Students and staff are required to wear protective face masks at all times, desks are spaced far apart, temperature checks are administered and we have hand sanitising stations at multiple campus locations. The continued good health and safety of all is our utmost priority.

Webinar and E-learning: Discover a plethora of webinar and online training courses. Learners are given access to the SafetyCloud Online Portal where all material is available virtually.  Here learners can complete their training in their own time, and at their location of choice, giving them premium convenience and flexibility. With facilitators located virtually, learners can log into their chosen course virtually and can participate remotely. In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint, our webinar course material is only available electronically.

Student Portal

All registered students get access to a personalised profile on the SafetyCloud Student Portal. It allows you to book and make payments for both classroom and online courses. Student certificates are made available here once they have successfully completed a course, as well as on the SafetyCloud Client Portal.

Our Accreditations

Accreditation is the most important aspect of any training partner. It is a quality assurance that colleges and education institutions undergo to confirm that they meet all required operational standards. Companies part of SafetyCloud are accredited by a wide range of industry bodies, including:

  • merSETA (Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA),
  • ETDP SETA (Education, Training and Development SETA),
  • Services SETA,
  • TETA (Transport Education Training Authority),
  • IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), and
  • Saiosh (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health).

SafetyCloud remains the number one choice for those wanting to enter the safety profession, improve their businesses safety policies and culture, and better their employment opportunities. Eliminate workplace risk at the source by choosing SafeyCloud As Your HSE Training Partner. Contact us today.








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