A Game Changer in Safety Training: SafetyCloud presents SAMTRAC E-Learning
22 Feb, 2022

The next frontier in professional Health and Safety training has arrived. SafetyCloud is proud to announce the launch of SAMTRAC e-Learning – an innovative new online study option that raises the bar for global safety training and on-the-job performance.

A first for SafetyCloud, SAMTRAC, our flagship course in OHS management, has been refreshed and updated to meet new expectations of safety workers within the context of the 21st-century workplace.

The SAMTRAC e-Learning courses are at the forefront of digital learning, blending a mix of virtual reality technologies and real-life case studies to help learners understand the technical knowledge of concepts, issues, procedures and techniques relating to HSE, and how they can be applied successfully in real-world situations.  Designed by industry experts, they combines theory with practice to produce well-rounded workers that can develop proactive solutions to complex safety issues, powered by critical thinking and confident abilities.

One of the key benefits to studying SAMTRAC e-Learning is flexible, remote training that enables you to study online from any location of your choice at a time that fits best into your schedule. This affords students the ultimate convenience to tackle their coursework after hours or in private time, so that they may get certified without affecting their everyday routines. Success on their terms.

SafetyCloud SAMTRAC e-Learning Courses

Introduction to SAMTRAC

This course provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety legislation and compliance. Refreshed by industry experts, the course offers convenient accessibility at the start of your SAMTRAC journey. Students learn how to apply techniques for hazard identification inspections and risk assessment. Introduction to SAMTRAC is a prerequisite for obtaining the  SAMTRAC certificate.


Our newly-updated and technologically-advanced SAMTRAC e-Learning qualification introduces learners to technical health and safety knowledge at the highest level. It provides an in-depth look at all OHS-related concepts, procedures and techniques. You’ll also receive thorough training in risk management and health and safety regulations, which will allow you to make strategic decisions and drive positive change in health and safety workplace policies.

SAMTRAC e-Learning empowers learners to kickstart rewarding careers, become the voice of safety at work and upskill to access higher earnings. SAMTRAC e-learning is a CPD-verified course that is fully accredited by MerSETA and endorsed by Saiosh.

Introduction to SAMTRAC International

Expand career horizons in International Occupational Health and Safety with SafetyCloud’s  Introduction to SAMTRAC International – the global flagship in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental qualifications. Take advantage of the e-learning experience offered by SafetyCloud to take your career from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

SAMTRAC International

Get certified or advance your professional skillset without ever stepping foot into a classroom SAMTRAC International via e-Learning covers the integration of occupational HSE management, and students are taken through the practical process of implementing and maintaining an occupational HSE management system, using the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. The course is endorsed by Iosh and Saiosh and offers 5 CPD points. Upon completion of the course, the learner will possess both foundational and fundamental knowledge critical to occupational HSE management.


Should you choose to study further, SAMTRAC advanced levels of health and safety training across all sectors with tailored programmes for mining. Raise the bar on your professional safety skill set with SafetyCloud’s new SAMTRAC e-Learning option.

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